Meet our Preacher: Matt Threlfall

My name is Matt Threlfall and I have been the preacher here at Ripon since 2017.  I am a native Californian, I grew up in Pleasant Hill, CA. I only have lived outside of California two years while I went to college in Denver.  I have been married to my wonderful wife Tracy Threlfall for 27 years and we have three daughters, Cheyenne, Chelsea and Caitlyn, all whom are Christians. My oldest and middle daughters are married to preachers.   I also have a two-year old granddaughter named Charlotte (Charlie girl) who has brought so much joy and love into our lives.    

I graduated in 2016 from Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver with a BA in Biblical studies.  I have been a Christian now with my wife for 23 years. We obeyed the Gospel February 8, 1998. 

Ripon is a wonderful place to worship the Lord and to get teaching and preaching from the Word of God. 

We will make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the
doors.  We are truly a family of God rooted in Christ.  

We hope we get the opportunity to meet you. Come visit us on Sunday or Wednesday night.  Give me a call if you are looking to talk, need prayer, or would like to study the Bible.